Saturday, March 31, 2007

Candidacy for the Average Citizen

Only when competent, average citizens run for office will there be a remote possibility that campaigns and elections will air all of the public's business and all potential solutions. Surely, the party-dominated system and the media won't make it easy. But without the input of Independent citizens, the lesser of evils will continue to be the choice.

As demonstrated by the previously-mentioned southeast Louisiana candidate, Independent nonpartisan voices can bring important ideas to elections. It wasn't easy for him; for instance, many people immediately associated him with the sliminess of the political class. All spare time away from work was devoted to the campaign. The media's resistance and the incumbent's snubs were not easy to take. But nearly 15,000 people voted for him, and who knows how many "disciples" carried his message forward.

To improve our democracy and public policymaking, in general, we must incorporate these Independent voices in the electoral mainstream.
  • Demand the media cover all candidates.
  • Require public debates that include all candidates and provide open-ended discussion formats.
  • Provide for some public funding of campaigns so that those who choose the non-prostitution path can be heard too.
  • Vote out incumbents who don't cooperate.
  • And above all ... Run for office!

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