Sunday, March 18, 2007

They are taunting you ...

Fred Barnes, the conservative pundit on the cable show The Beltway Boys, on 11/12/06: "Moderates are followers.” Unfortunately, there is a kernel of truth to what he said. Not so much that moderates "follow," but more that they have given up on their government ever representing them -- so they "leave" the system.

It is time to lead ...

Otherwise, (like in admittedly more egregious scenarios -- Nazi Germany, Pol Pot Cambodia, Stalinist Russia), the radicalized, vocal minority will fill the power vacuum. Just because Democrats and Republicans are not as bad as, say, Nazis does not change the fact that they represent minorities of the electorate and because of the electoral system they have put in place, one minority or the other determines policy.

It is time for independents to run for office and for the rest of us to elect them. The governing minorities are taunting us. A bit like the bully, who because the overwhelming numbers of good kids don't do anything about him, continues to control the school yard.

Taunt, taunt, taunt ... gonna do something about it?

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